Monday, November 26, 2007

Giving a helping hand

Here they are, that United States Marine Corps, proving that they are "No Better friend, no worse Enemy" one more time. Courtesy of

Bangladeshi military personnel take charge of a shipment of bottled water delivered by U.S. Marine helicopter crews from the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, embarked with the USS Kearsarge, in Parisol, Bangladesh, Nov. 23, 2007. Photo by Cpl. Peter R. Miller, USMC.

Bangladeshi citizens receive aid in hard to reach areas of southern Bangladesh. The amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge and elements of Amphibious Squadron 8 and the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit arrived off the coast of Bangladesh Nov. 23 to support ongoing disaster relief operations following Cyclone Sidr. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Ezekiel R. Kitandwe.

Condi Rocks

Thats about sums it up.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gateway to the Amazon

Sweet! So I ran into this link where it shows the best way to get stuff from
In my last purchase from Amazon the shipping cost me more than the price of the books I bought, and it took three weeks for the order to get delivered. Maybe now I can set up that online wish list of all the things I wanted and "hope" that someone will be kind enough to "donate" stuff to me :)

Piss off!

So I stopped by the office yesterday's afternoon to get some work done so I would be able to be "free" on Saturday. I noticed that the market next door was way too crowded with people who were just "chilling" out there. You know, talking on the phone, drinking tea, smoking cigarettes, etc.. And there from my office window, I notice that they have turned one of the walls across the street into a public urinal. People were just stopping, unzipping, pissing, and then moving on. Whats up with that?!!

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Semper Haj!

We all know that the Marines are the best when it comes down to blowing up shit. They are also known for getting the job done no matter what.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Saving us from the scum of the universe!

Yep, the Men In Black are on the case. Or at least they would be, given the fact the agent J himself is handling the situation. According to this article, Will Smith has fought so many aliens in his movies, that he now believes that they exist. Isn't that just awesome!
Smith admits in the issue of Men’s Vogue on sale Tuesday that he has studied Scientology with Tom Cruise and doesn’t disagree with its basic tenets.
In doing so, he finally "comes out," joining Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and a handful of other Hollywood types in their devotion to this controversial religion.

I honestly predict that the next actor to join would be Danny Glover, he did fight the Predator after all. They could be right you know, Hollywood is full of so many weirdos, they could all be aliens.

Here comes the men in black...
Galaxy defenders...

Hey Sicko, check this out!

I think Michael Moore won't be checking this great example for the short comings of the so called "Universal Health Care".
Experts have criticized the standard of trauma care in the NHS, after a study found too many patients were not given the right tests or seen by suitably experienced staff after being admitted.

The biggest problem with big government: expectations.
And Mr McGinn said the findings of the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death do not surprise him.
The report has revealed over half of patients are not given good enough treatment as staff are often too inexperienced.
He said: "It is all about money these days. But everybody pays their taxes. There should be enough money to do the jobs properly."

R.I.P. Kid


There was a phase in my life where Sudoku was an essential daily activity. I am glad those days are over, and that I have less spare time to waste. What reminded me of Sudoku today is that I haven't done any programming outside of work for a really long time, and just like everything else, if you don't use your programming skills, you lose it.

I once implemented an algorithm that solves Sudoku puzzles, it was very straight forward and not very complicated, I would love to develop one of these Algorithms and see how my solution stands...

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Like a deer in the headlights

This has to be the most evolved deer, Ever!

"If You Have No Shame, Do Whatever You Wish"

What is this woman thinking?

Her children, who are 80, 74 and 62 have been supportive of their mum baring all for a good cause, she said.

She has lived in Ancaster since 1933, and retired as the village's postmistress at age 72, after 35 years on the job, according to the newspaper.

Can't imagine the wrinkles... Pukes

Update: And in the other side of the world, more random shit happens as one dude, decided to marry his own daughter. Like Muslims didn't have enough bad PR already...

"He is a deeply religious man and will never lie in the name of Allah," Sakina told a court in the northern district of Jalpaiguri.

"I agreed to his marriage with our eldest daughter when he invoked divine sanction," she said.

Beyotch Please!

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No True Glory

So I finally finished reading "No True Glory: Fallujah and the Struggle in Iraq: A Frontline Account" and I really didn't feel any good for doing so. The book is brilliant and I hope the movie doesn't disappoint by taking out many of the details in the book.
To read a book like this one must prepare mentally to do so, and that is by simply avoiding:
1. Playing any of the Medal of Honor games in the toughest difficulty setting for long hours at a time
2. Playing Command and Conquer: Generals against the maximum number of brutal armies.
3. Watching the Kingdom or Black Hawk Down three times before finishing the book
4. Not getting enough sleep

I feel jumpy every time I think about the last two chapters of the book -operation Phantom Fury. The description of the fire fights, the pain and the destruction is brilliant. I wish my writing style was half as good.

If you compare this book to another brilliant book, One Bullet Away, you can clearly see the major differences in the different phases of Operation Iraqi freedom. The March to Baghdad was quick, and very straight forward. While dealing with an insurgency was very slow, confusing, and created more damage. It took three weeks for Baghdad to fall, and it also took three weeks of combat to clean Fallujah of insurgents.

There is no Glory in death and destruction, but if they have to happen, they must be for a just cause. Cleaning Fallujah from these terrorists was worth it. Any fight that brings people order and freedom is worth it. Time will be a witness to Iraq's freedom, and the end is coming soon.

Finish the Fight.
-Semper Fi

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Arrows over Doha

Two days ago I went and saw the Red Arrows of the Royal Air Force perform at the Doha Cornich. I was very impressed but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures because my camera is still broken and I am too lazy to do research before buying a new one. I stole this picture from one of the online blogs out there, but yeah, you get the idea.

I will learn to fly one day. Mark my words.

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The Marathon Can Wait

Long story short:
Dude. My travel plans to Singapore got shot down miserably. First my work didn't allow me to be gone on race weekend. Second, the whole visa issuing process turned into a pain in the ass. I was supposed to go to Dubai because there is no embassy in Doha and the consulate would take a week to issue me a visa. I couldn't stay in Dubai for a week with all of the projects I got at work just to wait for my passport. Anyhow, good luck out there.
I will be in Malaysia on the 8th, so if there is a chance of you being there, lets catch up.

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