Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You have got to be sh*ting me!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Think before you blabber!

When antiwar groups are asked for the reasons why the US should leave Iraq right now, the typical answers I usually hear are:

"Bush lied!"
"You're F**king Nazi's!"
"War for peace is like f**king for virginity!"
"911 is an inside job!"

Okay, how can you explain to me this image to the right? How do you expect that when the Coalition forces leave Iraq, peace is just going to show up suddenly?

I haven't gotten an answer to that question yet, so I started thinking on my own and drawing comparisons. The most similar situations were Afghanistan after the Russians left, Somalia after the UN left, and Lebanon after the Marines left. In all the cases above, a brutal civil war started, and ended up with extremist groups in power, oppressing their people, armed, and causing more conflicts in neighboring countries.

The question in my head morphs magically into a different question? Do they really want peace? Or do they want something else? I guess the simplest answer would be that they want to see the US humiliated by defeat maybe because they are closet communists? I did say maybe...

I was just reading the BBC, about the latest bombing, who in their full mind would think that this will stop once the troops are out? The troops aren't the ones doing this, and the troops aren't being attacked in attacks like this. So why don't you want the troops to get those people who do these attacks out of Iraq so they can leave Iraq to the Iraqi's? Isn't that what peace at its simplest form is all about? The Iraqis taking over a secure and a stable democracy able to defend itself and hold its own?

One other point that is quite interesting, is that those same people that are asking for the US to get out of Iraq, are asking the US to intervene in Darfur. So, not only that they are asking for military action, they are contradicting that whole "war for peace doesn't work" crap... Aren't those people going to go on peace rallies if the US goes into Darfur and it becomes another hot bed for Al Qaeda operations against the United States? And how come those individuals who are always rallying for peace have never thought of enlisting in order to help their country win a war in order to establish peace?!! Now do they really want peace? Or just attention?!!

I think the next time I see one of those peace signs in a blog, I am just going to browse to something more useful, maybe myspace or something...