Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Racism and Mathematics

Since I will be moving to Louisville this upcoming August, I've been checking out the Louisville Courier-Journal's website to see whats going on in that city, and the State of Kentucky. Today was the day for the Democratic party primaries in the states, and it seems to me that someone over there didn't really like Hillary Clinton very much, so he declared that
Kentucky = a bunch of racist hicks

Lets see how the math works:
As C-J Washington reporter Jim Carroll pointed out earlier tonight, about 20 percent of Kentucky voters said race was a determining factor when it came to deciding for whom they would vote. And of those people, 90 percent said they voted for Hillary Clinton. The mathematical conclusion is pretty obvious.

90% of 20% = 18% of the whole population.
18% - Holy Shit Batman!
Lets visualize the numbers here for those who lack the imagination - like my humble self over here:

So, if the small piece of the pie does care about race, does that make the whole state Racist?!!!
The other question that I wonder about is would the same statement be made if all of those who favored race were black?

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Video of the Day.