Saturday, March 24, 2007

The benefits of living by the sea

It has been about three weeks since I've blogged about me, or what I have been doing. So I think yesterday was fun enough for me to blog about it.

The last time I swam was three days before leaving the States in September. It was in
the small hotel pool in the little town called Delta in the middle of no where, Utah. Yesterday was supposed to be my long run of the week day, but I decided to forfeit that after getting in touch with some of my high school friends and deciding to go to this beach club to spend the afternoon.

When we got there, the receptionist didn't want to let us in at beginning, as he said that the weekends are for families entry only and no singles were allowed. After ten minutes of persuasion, he decided that we were respectable human beings and decided to lets us in. Of course, each one of us had to pay about 50Qrs to get in...

Once we got in, the fun started. I checked out the gym over there and it was nice. It costs about 350Qrs a month for a membership which I think is ex termly over priced. Then we swam some laps in the pool, and then after some walking around. We got to the jacuzzi.

The most memorable part of the day was once we got into the open waters, my friend Fady just wanted chill and play around, but I saw something different. As I wasn't wearing my glasses my depth perception was quite messed up. I saw two boats that didn't seem that far away and I suggested we swim to them. Fady was a little bit skeptical and wasn't sure if we were going to make it. We decided to throw all the doubts aside went like "Fuck it, lets do it man".

Being the crappy swimmer I am - sorry Jon - this swim was the best thrill I had in a while. Midway I was getting tired, I was having doubts, I was cussing the idea, and I was about to freak out. As I continued with my crawl, I collected my thoughts, calmed down, got a hold of my breathing and before I knew it, my hands were touching the port. Getting there was great.

After the high fives, and a bunch of "Dude! That was nuts!", we swam back to the beach. Surprisingly, the swim back felt a lot shorter. I swam in the pool after that for another 40 minutes, grabbed a bite, and then took off home.

I woke up very tired today, and I am doing nothing. I've earned my weekend and I am ready for next week.


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