Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still Ticking

It has been a month since my last blog post, and ten days since Ramadan has ended. You can't imagine how tiring this Ramadan has been, or how miserable training has been during that month. I had to change my training hours to after midnight, I was limited to two running sessions a week, I was dehydrated in every run, I wasn't able to lift weights, and I lost seven kilograms in about thirty five days. To sum it up I was running on an empty tank 99% of the time.

Injuries were also a problem, I had some ankle issues, my left knee bothered me for a while and my back hurts every time I think about running. I feel that I am lacking the motivation to continue training, but I can't quit, because quitting is simply unacceptable.

Other than running, nothing noteworthy is going on in my life. I finally finished a project that my boss is happy with, I am still waiting to get my GRE scores, and I tried indoor rock climbing the other day.

Rock climbing was actually quite fun, I expected it to be a lot harder than it was, maybe the wall wasn't a hard one, but it was something I plan to do more off in the future. - Note, expect video of the climb to be posted soon.

One interesting note, after going through my library my mom made the suggestion that I should switch careers and consider going the military path, she even suggested that I go into the military intelligence field. Little that she know, that has been an idea going through my head for quite sometime. At least now, she won't be totally surprised when I do it, and she might even take credit for "leading me to that path"... Who knows?

Anyhow, I am on the clock. So back to work I go.

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