Thursday, March 06, 2008

Iraq progress report

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They mentioned this article from the New York Times*:
Violence Leaves Young Iraqis Doubting Clerics

*The Snake Advocate doesn't take anything the New York Times seriously, but has to admit that this article had some interesting statements. Take this one for example:
Violent struggle against the United States was easy to romanticize at a distance.

“I used to love Osama bin Laden,” proclaimed a 24-year-old Iraqi college student. She was referring to how she felt before the war took hold in her native Baghdad. The Sept. 11, 2001, strike at American supremacy was satisfying, and the deaths abstract.

Now, the student recites the familiar complaints: Her college has segregated the security checks; guards told her to stop wearing a revealing skirt; she covers her head for safety.

“Now I hate Islam,” she said, sitting in her family’s unadorned living room in central Baghdad. “Al Qaeda and the Mahdi Army are spreading hatred. People are being killed for nothing.”

So I guess the whole rhetoric of that the war on terror is creating more terrorists, isn't really conclusive at all.

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At Saturday, March 8, 2008 at 6:21:00 PM EST , Anonymous Dave said...

Pure pro-military crap. What a clueless wonder she is. Beyond dumb. No surprise you find her refreshing.

Where was al Qaeda in Iraq before we went in? Tell me how many people were blown up in Baghdad before we invaded?

Last time I checked, while Saddam was a bad guy, the women were treated with respect and freedom. It was a secular society so I dont know what you mean by Islamists are the enemy.

Have you been to Saudi Arabia lately? Tell us all about the freedoms their women have?

When do we go in?

Quack on chickenhawk.

At Sunday, March 9, 2008 at 6:05:00 PM EDT , Blogger The Zoal said...

Dave, thanks for the comment, I would like to point out a couple of things you might have missed out:
1. She was comparing 2005 conditions current ones, not pre 2003 conditions.
2. She was there at least, where were you while she was there? Give her credit for the effort at least instead of calling her "beyond dumb", please!
3. I would really appreciate it if you can tell me how to solve the problem that was created in Iraq after the US invasion in 2003, instead of telling me what was there and what was not? I already know about the conditions in Saudi Arabia, and I know what kind of a society was in Iraq. I have many Iraqi friends over here and we do exchange ideas and knowledge about culture and all, so if you would kindly add to my information, about the role of women in the Iraqi society back then, compared to the role and conditions of the women in society now, I would HONESTLY be grateful.
Finally, I would appreciate it if you can add some input regarding the linked New York times article, that would be awesome.

Thanks again for posting on my blog, and for calling me a chickenhawk. I should go get my 101 Keyboardists patch now!


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