Thursday, February 07, 2008

MSN blows

Well, I've always had issues with the opinions posted on and the selected news coverage on MSNBC. However, this article "Gasoline's New Math: Miles Per Dollar" is just ridiculously stupid.

Check this out:
It's time for new rules, and new math: Miles Per Dollar, or mpd.

The formula is simple. Take the old mpg, but divide it by the price of fuel. Unlike the vague mpg, mpd is a remorseless measuring stick, its pointy end aimed directly at your wallet. When gas was cheaper than the dirt it sprang from, 20 miles per gallon seemed pretty solid. Even when gas reached a dollar a gallon, you were still getting 20 mpd, traveling 20 miles on a buck.

Here is the problem:

This chart represents the average price of gasoline in Texas from 1979 to 2008.

Can you see the problem now?

1 gallon now = 1 gallon in a month
1 mile now = 1 mile in a month
Price of fuel now != price of fuel in a month (! is 'not' for those unfamiliar with coding)

So can someone please tell me how is the MPG standard vague and the MPD is a "remorseless measuring stick"?

Stupid asshats...

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